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Nature Co2 boost 5L

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The Nature2 CO2 Boost bucket One Dutch Product is a safe and easy way to add CO2 to your grow room. The Nature2 CO2 bucket increases the CO2-level for at least 60 days (depending on the use up to 90 days) without further with heavy and dangerous CO2 or propane / butane bottles do not need to work.
The Nature2 CO2 Boost bucket am made in Netherlands and is available in 5 and 10 liters. The 5 Liter CO2 Boost bucket Designed for working 3m, 10 liters is suitable for 6m.
CO2 Boost is 100% organic and completely odorless! If your grow room is properly closed, you can in a space of up to 15 m³ reach a PPM level between 1200 and 1500. Is bigger space? That is no problem, you need to do is to use multiple CO2 buckets.
The manufacturer guarantees that in constant use, CO2 Boost CO2 supply at least 60 days. If you CO2 Boost bucket is connected to a timer you can be 75 to 90 days come along.
Connect the included air pump on a timer. Set the timer so that the air pump of the Nature2 CO2 boost bucket is turned on, during the dagfase of the plant.
The Nature2 CO2 bucket burn no gas, no open fire!No expensive start-up and maintenance costs!No hassles with replacing heavy CO2 or gas bottles!No unnecessary heat production!The ingredients of the Nature2 CO2 Boost are 100% organic and harmless!Once the CO2 booster bucket no CO2 produces more, you can use the other ingredients as a high-grade fertilizer!