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ROOT!T organiske stiklingssvamper, 50-pack

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Maksimer suksessraten og gro raskere og sunnere røtter med ROOT!T organiske stiklingssvamper - en nyvinning innen spiring og kloning av planter.

Enkle i bruk - enkle å potte videre i hvilket som helst medium. Svampene fungerer meget bra til hydro såvel som jord.

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Maximise your success rates and grow faster more vigorous roots with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges - the latest innovation in propagation. Not only are they simple to use, they are also easy to pot on. This bag of 50 sponges can be used to refill a tray or used on their own on a bed of perlite or vermiculite. The bag is resealable to help ensure that each ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge is kept in perfect condition. The sponges are environmentally friendly and biodegradable whilst also containing micronutrients and beneficial microbes to aid germination. They have superior nutrient absorption and easily maintains a perfect air to water ratio. They also insulate roots better against heat or lack of moisture.

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