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Clonexroots, 30ml

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Clone Xroots active root growth of the plant and reinforce its strength due to the development of root system and ensures the recovery of plants by allowing better absorption of water and nutrients. It also stimulates the production of raw roots. Root Simulator Platinum.

Better than Clonex result Guaranteed 100% natural and bio logic, your new partner for cuttings with more than perfect root trigger, you get unparalleled satisfaction with outsized returns! you know, may be of clonex grow technology now banned in France, now try Clone Xroots the pacemaker and root activator for the organic cuttings and hydro ponique even more efficient and 100% bio -degradable, suitable for clay clones fiber coco , hydro ponie, aeroponics and other substrates and all approved by the Ministry of agriculture.

The attempt is to adopt, the best way to convince you is to simply try to leave you never leave, because your goal, cuttings your clones as quickly as possible in the best conditions with Clone Xroots.

Use: 1 to 2 ml / liter. Shake the solution. 
Cutting and seedling: soak in the solution before planting and then renew the contribution once a week. For convenience, you can pour the product in a spoon before retrieving it with the cap cutting pipette. 
Entr eti in: Apply preparing Clone Xroots in watering your crops. 
In aeroponics: Add directly into the solution. 
Composition: organic matter = 50% Active Ingredient OSYR = 40% sulfur trioxide (SO 3) = 8%

Can be sprayed directly on the plants once mixed with water.

Usable in agriculture bio logical under the EC No. 834/2007 regulation.

A true product bio logical approved by the Ministry of Agriculture unlike clonex which is a banned substance which we do not know the danger of the product (hormones suffered no control) unlike CLONE XROOTS whose labels show quality: CUTTINGS 100% ORGANIC PURE 100%, 100% RESULTS. 

clone xrootsclone xrootsclone xrootsApproved by the Ministry of Agriculture

Fertilizers made in France.

Clone Xroots cuttings organic range Platinium Nutrients . Platinium nutrients has developed for you and the delight of your plants, Platinum proves the most innovative range market always bringing you the best results for your plants.

clonexrootsUsing Clone Xroots in 5 steps:

serrePlatinum is developing with the best laboratories its fertilizer to bring you the best performing products on the market, stop buying water has real buy fertilizer, if you are looking for a rooting hormone, or hormone for clones. Clone xroots you naturally help reproduce the same performance at a clonex or another hormone market xroots clone is 100% natural and organic origin, try to clone xroots platinium nutrients and get impressive results on your clones, cuttings, and starting seeds.

1- Choosing Media: Cuttings Greenhouses , plates or Rockwool


serre eazy plug laine de roche

2- Choice of the substrate (glass): Earth , clay balls , sphagnum moss or Coco

substrats bouturage

Clay beads Platinum , Platinum Substrates ideal for beginners and experts!

3- Preparation cuttings


clonexroots 4- Spray Clone Xroots

                    Pour 1 to 2 ml for 1 liter of water in a spray or watering





5- Propagation with supercloner systems 12-30-84

Pour the solution directly into 1 to 2 ml in 1 liter of water

systeme et clonexroots

Clone Xroots Action bio logical

root system CloneXroots


The roots as intestines

Clone Xroots your rooting hormone 100% natural without hormones. You are looking for the most successful rooting hormone market? Try Clone Xroots rooting hormone par excellence.

The new Mister Clone to your beautiful plants works well see better than the best natural and synthetic hormones market. Give it a chance you will be surprised by the speed of rooting your plants.