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Rhizoponics, 30ml

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Rhizoponics: Maintains activity of growth hormones (auxins) involved in root development.

You do not go back, is Rhizoponics   approved by the ministry of agriculture, incredible results, simply unbeatable ...! 700% of root mass and more!

With this p eti you 100ml bottle, test the best fertilizer Platinium Nutrients to your plants p eti t price!

Develop an early and successful rooting is a major challenge for vegetable production. All the stress (climate, nutrition, disease) can cause a regression or a root loss very damaging to crops. In protected cultivation, the constraints are related to the control of production targets (size uniformity, yield, quality, ...) that closely depend on the activity of the root system. transplanting seedlings and stages of fruit swelling in situations of high demand (development of several bouquets) require strong root activity, the risk of depletion of plants and development of opportunistic diseases. The use of a certified root stimulator can prevent these problems.

Rhizoponics optimizes enzyme activity (isopéroxydasiques) involved in lignification by stimulating the production of specific enzymes in root lignification. Planting and crop production, Rhizoponics maintains the activity of growth hormone (auxin) involved in root development. Rhizoponics stimulates the roots to optimize nutrition and flowering while improving their resistance. Rhizoponics is without comparison the best root stimulator on the market. Satisfied or refunded.

Rhizoponics fertilizer Features:

  • 700% of root mass and more
  • Increase in weight and volume of the root of 25 to 70%
  • Best recovery plants and seedling emergence
  • Optimizing the efficiency of nutrients
  • Action on Protection of auxin (IAA)
  • 100% Bio logic
The root stimulator Rhizoponics comes from our research on organic compounds, extracts of plants.
Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture
Best root stimulator without comparison, Platinum and research developped in partnership with major players in the market to offer you the best products at best price and very focused!
Rhizoponics Fertilizers range Platinium Nutrients .

The action of Rhizoponics:


EFFECT (SDR Development Stimulation root):

  1. Increase in weight and volume of the root of 25 to 70%,
  2. Best recovery plants and seedling emergence,
  3. Optimizing the efficiency of nutrients.

Also, under stress, plants produce peroxidases enzymes responsible for the degradation of auxin hormones involved in rhizogenes. In stressful situations crop Rhizoponics of Platinium Nutrients boost the development of root systems.

> Optimization of root development on foot TOMATO


> Optimization of root development in a flying system


700% of root mass and more!



EFFECT root resistance by woodiness:

  1. Resistance stress to crops (climate, agricultural, ...)
  2. Better management of water needs and leach resistance,
  3. Homogeneity and quality harvest.
Action on the strength of root systems 
Rhizoponics of Platinium Nutrients activates cell lignification process by stiffening root tissue: effect resistance by thickening of the cell walls.

> Stress Resistance to root out MELON plant


Use : 
 is used in irrigation (0.2 to 0.5 mL / L to saturation 2mL / L) dropwise and sprinkling. By spraying the soil followed by watering or rainy period. 
Rhizoponics is recommended to start planting, recovery and root systems under stress (climate, salinity, agronomic deficiencies ...). 0.5 mL / L, the appearance of the first root, up to 2 weeks prior to rinsing (or 4 weeks before harvest).

Active Ingredient: OSYR = 40% - Dry matter = 50% - sulfur trioxide = 8% - pH = 3.7 +/- 0.7, A basic lignosulf ona your.

Usable in agriculture bio logical under the EC No. 834/2007 regulation.


Laboratory tests Rhizoponics:

Testing conducted in partnership with the Chamber of Agriculture of the Gironde, INRA, University of Montpellier, WINE R & D, and ASTREDHOR CEPEM